What happens after the "me" is seen through to be totally fake?

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    It's SIMPLY our IDENTIFICATION with the WORDS and IMAGES/MEMORIES/PROJECTION in our mind that get all of us in trouble to some degree. In fact all most people do all day is to "live" in the words and images and beliefs IN our thinking mind.

    THIS identification also includes the "I" or "ME"
    and it's THIS thought (which is ALSO a word) that we take to be who we "really"are. Nevertheless
    the "I" or "me" or (insert your name here) is JUST a word....it's not TRUE to reality in the least.

    Once you really get this, the false "I" or "me" in the mind starts dissolving slowly over time.

    THAT'S when funky (positive) things start happening because the FALSE "I" or "ME", once it's seen through to be as fake as Dolly Parton's bust line, then, over time, it starts being less and less in the fore of your Consciousness, so, gradually, the REAL you starts poking through and this REAL you is your truth. Then, nothing but positivity starts happening all around you (even completely randomly) and THIS is because the fake "self" (or resistant "self") is slowly being no more.

    This happens because the negativity (resistance or dark energy components of your total being) has been released/transmuted back to WHOLE Life energy. The only reason you're fearful, hateful or at war with yourself and life in general is because you've identified with the thought of "me" in your mind. It's THIS (insert your name here) which causes you suffering because it's based or rooted purely in negativity (inner and outer resistance). Once you come back to Wholeness, you are balanced totally because all the positivity is being reflected both within AND in your exterior physical environment. This is when you truly know you're aligned with life because Life energy itself truly IS pure positive and so are YOU at this stage of the game...What this means is that your daily life is surrounded by positivity , so much so, in fact , that random perceived negative situations always turn out positive. But don't expect instant positivity for these situations as it sometimes takes just a bit of time for the positivity to reveal itself but it ALWAYS does, you just need to be patient that's all.

    The ONLY way to dissolve the false self or "me" is to ALLOW all the perceived negative energies (so-called "bad" emotions, thoughts (words) and
    images) to surface so they can be dissolved by the "force" of life, thus, over time, bringing you back to Wholeness.

    All that's really happening here is that the ONLY reason for the "split" in Consciousness, which causes you suffering, is the "me" or "I" or (insert your name here) and the ONLY way out of the grip Of the ego is to NOT resist or identify with the dark (negative) components of life energy (felt as fear, anxiety, depression, restlessness, anger, hate etc). When these "feelings" come up for you in your field of consciousness (of the moment), all this means is what Life energy is trying to do is to come back to Wholeness, that's all, it's all perfectly innocent , like a stretched elastic band wanting to come back to its natural shape/tension so NO need to fear ANY of the dark nature components of life energy, it's just life energy wanting to come back to itself - to be Whole energy again. Yes it's really that simple.

    Once you GET this, the false (insert your name here) starts slowly dissolving in time, over time and what's left is the REAL you because now ALL your life energy ( of your Being) is now Whole, as was originally intended by nature (Life) itself.

    If there's anything I can tell you at whatever
    stage you're at during your process of alignment
    it's this;

    There is NOTHING else in existence apart from
    God (force of life) and YOU, all of you are part of this very same energy. It's true, there IS NO separation in reality which means you were all created in "his" image which is pure Love
    (Openness), joy and peace but every expression is created also in the originally intended uniqueness
    of the physical being.

    The ONLY thing that gets in the way of truly feeling this true nature of yours on a consistent basis is Ego or the falseness of "I" or "me" or (insert your "name" here). It's THIS false representation (in the mind only) of who you really are (A Being Of Life Energy itself) that causes suffering in your mind, your body and your soul or your pure energy nature. The reason there's suffering in your Being is because Ego (me thought in the mind) has engineered a "split" within Consciousness itself. When this happens, the imbalanced nature
    component of life energy itself is actually "separating from itself. In other words, it's actually TRYING to come back to Wholeness or your natural state of Being. THIS is what suffering is ; when you resist this negative (dark nature movement of these components of life energy within to arise totally and completely without resistance.

    Once you are totally resistance free within, a
    new person arises, a person as was originally intended by Life (God) itself.

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    welcome back Mr Pavlo after a long Christmas break!