Community Guidelines

Please read before posting.

As a registered member on this forum, you agree to abide by the following community guidelines. These guidelines have been formulated to ensure that the members find a respectful, value-based, congenial environment at this forum.

Availability of Information

This is a public forum and all posts on this forum can be viewed by anyone visiting this forum. Posts on this forum are indexed and are available for search in search-engines like

Account Creation Guidelines

  • You are allowed to create one account on this forum. Creating and posting using multiple accounts will result in your accounts being banned without warning.

  • Make sure that your username does not make use of offensive words.

  • Make sure that your avatar does not contain an image that might offend others.

Content Quality Guidelines

  • If you are posting a query/question, do ensure that it's detailed enough to convey your point without ambiguity.

  • While creating a new thread ensure that the post has a title which reflects the overall subject of the post (i.e. should not be vague)

  • Please avoid posts that merely provide a link to another site. (ex. "Check this out: www. xyz .com). At least give a little information about the link and why it would be be of interest and assistance to our members and readers.

  • Please try to post your threads in the appropriate categories.

  • Take a minute to make sure that your post is well formatted and is free from grammatical and spelling errors before posting.

  • Avoid usage of swear words.

  • Avoid using txt speak. There is plenty of capacity for creating eloquent, correctly punctuated posts. Txt speak will not get a good response from forum members and is likely to be deleted by moderators.

  • When you are making reference from a published article or website, please be sure to include copyright information or credit the information indicating its source.

  • Posting the same or similar topic/question over and over again or "spamming" is prohibited. Multiple topics with just slight differences in titles will not be approved and users engaging in such behaviour purely for the sake of attracting more attention to their posts will be banned.

External Links and Media

  • External Links: Links to external sites will be allowed only if they serve a meaningful purpose and add value to the discussion. Affiliate links, links to spammy sites, promotional links, redirected and shortened links are not allowed and will be removed.

  • Video links/embeds: Currently video embeds from Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion are supported. If you want to embed or Post a link to a video please do so with a reasonable description of its content and why it interests you.

Post Deletion

Posts/threads once created are open to editing/deleting for a period of 24 hours after which the posts are locked and can no longer be edited or deleted.
After this point, posts/threads cannot be deleted or edited and post deletion requests will not be honored.

Account Deletion

Account deletion requests will not be honored. If you no longer wish to use your account, just block your profile from being publicly viewable. Click here to know how.

Staying Anonymous

If you are concerned about your identify and what to remain anonymous, please follow these steps while registering:
  • Register using a free/personal email ID like instead of using a work/school/college email ID.

  • Register using a generic user ID instead of a user ID that contains your real name.

  • Do not enter any personally identifiable information in the posts you create, like the name of the college you are studying in, name of your workplace or your physical location.

  • Block your profile from being publicly viewable. Click here to know how.

  • If you want you can also disable email notifications for your watched threads and conversations so you no longer receive messages from the site.

Reporting Posts

Members are encouraged to report posts that contain offensive or spammy material. To report a post, just click on the ‘Report’ link which appears under each post when you are logged in. If you are not logged in, you can still report posts by contacting us and sending us the URL of the post in question.

Moderator’s Decision Will be Final

This forum uses independent moderators who monitor content to ensure they follow the guidelines mentioned here. Deleting comments/threads, that don't follow the guidelines, would be in the purview of the moderators and their decision will be final.