Feb 17, 2014
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    Hello, I'm NothingsPurpose
    or you could say...
    No reason's reason.
    Nonexistence's purpose
    Fear's Purpose.

    Now then, does the soul live in the body or does the body live in the soul?

    Is the mind in the head or is the head in the mind?

    The mind

    If we have a question for someone who has transcended the ego, we ask: "Well, how do you do that?"

    What do you mean? The you that is asking how? Let's suppose we're babies. You don't know anything, here is our awareness. We have no information about anything at all and no words for it, the words you read on this page are just noises. Due to force of habit, certain tensions remain inside you, certain words drift through your mind. A baby in the womb does not know anything. So, I ask now what's the difference between you and it. You are aware of this point of a happening. You have no words for the difference between inside and outside, and no one has taught you that what you see out in front of you is either near, or far from your eyes. You didn't know about that. Its just here, and here it is.

    Just see the thoughts in your head, like they are clouds in the sky, or like crackling of a fire. All you really gotta do, is look and listen without naming. And if you are naming then never mind, just listen to that as well.

    You can't force anything here, you can't willfully stop thinking and naming. This is only telling you, that "you" doesn't exist. That strain and tensing of the muscles is all you'll achieve, and if by any chance a happening occurs in which your mind settles you associate that particular muscle contraction with calming down the mind. This, is of course false, and as such this is why all practices must be dropped in meditation. For there are no ways to become wayless. Now, this realisation that "you" are inherently nothing and insignificant without any power isn't a mark of defeat. The fact that this illusion runs all by itself simply means that the figment of that separate you is the use of your imagination. Your imagination is really fascinating. Using words and ideas. Bravo to the brilliant minds who can see we are fish in water, and so many of us don't understand the idea of not knowing :)

    Nuggets of information that have helped me and stuff

    Your mind is not in your head! Your head is in your mind.

    Analyzing is the splitting of something

    When we analyze our thoughts, we split one thought into two, and so it multiplies.. and multiplies, and multiplies and multiplies until our personal talk devours all of our attention.

    You can reprogram your mind

    True expression isn't acting out a certain behavior, or style.. True expression is indulging in the freedom to be whoever you want.

    Joy is found in the action..

    and by the way, Saying "I am awareness" is just a glorified ego lmao. Because your real awareness is behind the awareness which you think you are. Other wise you would not be aware who you think you are.

    The biggest secret is, there are no secrets.

    Enjoy your suffering while it lasts.

    Fear =


    Fear is what you think you are, abundance is your natural state.

    "When we stop perceiving a duality of colors we die. When we only see one color that is when we choose to die"

    A random quote that I received from a dream.
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